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Dispatch Action - Exclude a Path

Question asked by Vasin Paradorn on Mar 7, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2019 by Ants Palgi



I was wondering if it is possible to apply Dispatch condition to exclude a particular path.

I would like this Dispatch to run for every single file except for those in the Toolbox directory.
Looking at the manual, it seems like the "!=" make sense so I tried it:

Unfortunately, that did not work.


Just to clarify, I have approximately 10 folders including the "Libraries" folder at the same level.

(ex: 1. Division01 2. Division02 3. Division03 4. Division04 ........ 10. Libraries)


I understand that I could :

1. Copy the Dispatch and set the Path to each of the 9 folders but that is far from efficient.

2. Move the other 9 Folders into 1 Parent Folder but that would ruin the hierarchy of the folder structure.


I prefer to have 1 Dispatch by excluding 1 Folder instead of having 9 separate Dispatches.

The other downside of having 9 separate dispatches, onefor each folder is the redundancies of modifications which will most likely result in many mistakes.


You opinion and recommendations are greatly appreciated! Thank you very much!