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How to Change Assembly Dependencies?

Question asked by Michael Samulena on Mar 7, 2019
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We have new PLM software that reads in and stores Solidworks models. However, while our model name scheme is "XXX XX XXX", the PLM software wants the file names to be "XXXXXXXX". I wrote a macro that lists all the files in a directory and it's subfolders, and then creates a new name without the spaces in Excel (So that I can manually review and adjust the changed names). Another macro commits the change by renaming the files. Of course, once the files are renamed, it breaks the links in all Solidworks assemblies and sub-assemblies. I know of the GetDocumentDependencies2 to get the name and path of all files of an assembly (most importantly without opening it), but is there an easy way to change those dependencies (again, without opening the assembly?)