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Is there a way to generate composition from multiple product families automatically?

Question asked by Daniel Marijnen on Mar 6, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2019 by Daniel Marijnen

Hello everyone, Im currently working with drivetrains. The thing is there is alot of different compositions i need to make.


Lets say i need a final product, consisting of 3 parts. Each part comes from a product family. The parts within these families are very alike, apart from the size or a minor detail.


Family 1 (motors) ,      possible part choice: A, B, C

Family 2 (flanges),       possible part choice: U, V, W

Family 3, (reductors)    possible part choice: X, Y, Z


A possible composition of a drivetrain could be: B,U,Z (just to give an idea)


This is a simplified example of what i need to do, in this case making the compositions wouldn't be so bad. Now imagine theres not 3 possible part choices in a family, but 100.

The amount of work required to make the compositions manually is enourmous, Let alone the storage needed to save all the data for each composition.


To make this more efficient i want to know if solidworks can automate this proces.

For example a solution would be 3 boxes you choose from (for example on a website or linked to other software):


Part 1: (CHOICE)

Part 2: (CHOICE)

Part 3: (CHOICE)


And let solidworks generate the constrained assembly from the user's input.


My question: Does anything like this exist? because i wasnt able to find anything on google.


Thank you for your time