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Configurations auto-switching issues

Question asked by Jason Warnke on Mar 6, 2019

I have a custom made fastener library (not a toolbox component fastener, just a self-made one).  It was originated via design tables within separate parts, but the tables were deleted after the fact.



I have mate references set on these fasteners to make them quick to drop in.  There are anywhere from 6 to 20 configs in each fastener file.


I use these in my assemblies.  They work well; but Ive noticed a recurring issue whenever I use them in configured assemblies.


For whatever reason, when I switch a configuration in my assembly file, often times where I have used a pattern driven pattern for one of these configured fasteners, it will jack up the fastener config (it will change it on me automatically within another assembly config - typically seems like it only changes it in the configs that it was not originally added into).  I do not know what the logic is behind this.  I know how to fix it, but it is a pain when I have a dozen assembly configs to switch 300 fastener configs for each asm config….annoying as all get out as you might imagine.  The only way around it never being an issue seems to be to not use patterns when I lay the fasteners down initially.


Has anyone else experienced this issue?   Why does this happen?  Is there something (simple) I can do to correct it?