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Create a whole documentation for a large project made under SW

Question asked by Charles Le Rouvillois on Mar 5, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2019 by Jaroslaw Guz

Hi folks,


With my company we are building a large assembly/machine/prototype for the first time and the appropriate documentation is the next step to be achieved. Unfortunately, no one in the team knows how to create the mechanical documentation, i.e:

- hierarchy for part numbers

- drawing for all parts (know how to do one, but what about many parts ?)

- large BOMs (how many times do we have the same part for example ?)



I am of course missing many points in my list, and please feel free to add them.


I am willing to create a clean documentation but efficiently, based on you advice/inputs/... I think I might be able to use automatic drawing (carefully of course and review it), API (in which extent I don't know yet).


What are your guesses to lead it efficiently ? How could I use Solidworks in the go way to lead this effort ?


Thanks for you advices,