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Creating 3d Sketch parameters to control various dimensions

Question asked by Sean Kepler on Mar 5, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2019 by John Stoltzfus

Going to do my best to explain what I am looking for to see if the options are out there to make this a reality. It will really help me moving forward on other clients projects.


The project:


I am working for an automotive company and am working on redesigning their front suspension for a Mustang. In order to improve or work within the constraints of the vehicle I create a 3d sketch depicting the suspension cycle and steering geometrey through the travel of the front of the car. There are key features we want to maintain, and constraints that need to be held because of the products we are using.


The process:


Once I have determined the working path of the wheel vertically, I then need to work on the steering. Using a 3d sketch I am able to easily determine the key location of the tie rod pivot in order to prevent any "bump steer" or change in toe, in or out. Having the wheel at the top of the stroke (bump), the middle of the stroke (ride height), and the bottom of the stroke (droop). There is an exact spot that it needs to be if I use 1 location on the spindle of the vehicle. As soon as I move the locaiton on the spindle up/down/in/out the sketch is no longer defined and is open.


The problem:


I need to keep the tie rod pivot location of the steering rack to be no more than 23" to 27" wide. I would like to be able to define a dimension to work within that constraint. I then have a forward/aft dimension I would like to maintain within as well. Then there is the amount of throw the steering rack can have, between 4.5" and 5". Then there is the amount of steering angle I want.


The goal:


I would like to be able to define certain sketches to give them the ability to move within a given range. If I have a few defined dimensions then I can have a few floating dimensions and can begin to hone in on the amount of steering angle, the spread of the steering rack, the location of the steering rack forward/aft and the amouunt of throw within the steering rack.


I am not sure what I can attach to help this as the assembly is rather large. I could potentially upload the assembly with no parts in it, and the sketches will be in there and you can see what I am doing and what I am trying to achieve.


Attached is an image for reference to get the conversation started..