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    Chuck Meador
      I have 7 or 8 crop views that have mysteriously disappeared...I mean the close sketched profiles are GONE...deleted. The main view is still there but the crop is gone. This happened after adding a 6th sheet and some new detail views to the new sheet. No big deal really...I'll just redo the crop. However, I activate the view, sketch a closed spline around the geometry, pick said spline, click on the crop view icon and...nothing happens. The crop view manager tells me I need to create a closed sketch profile in the drawing view to create a crop view. It's like it is not recognizing that I indeed have a closed spline selected. I have also tried it with a regular circle and get the same result.

      I fear that if problems like these keep happening, the "powers that be" will make me convert it to AutoCad.

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          Right click the view and try "edit crop" If the sketch comes up just exit it and that should refresh the view.
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            Jeff Hamilton
            I have seen this a couple of times. I have no idea what causes it.
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              Eddie Cyganik


              One question:

              If you select the view, are you able to change the orientation by using the View Property Manager?
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                Ed Burris
                We had this problem the other day, and (in this case) what caused it was, when the drafter began sketching the spline, she had two views whose "bounding boxes" were overlapping, and SW was "assigning" the sketch to the wrong view. Therefore, in that view, the spline was 1) not encompassing any geometry, as it was below all the geometry in that view, and 2) the spline was partially outside the bounding box, and SW apparently read it as only being partial. The drafter moved the offending view out of the way, did the crop, and moved the other view back. Worked fine. Not to say that we're all warm and fuzzy with SW's drawing interface, FAR FROM IT!!! We're having a horrible time keeping the drawings stable. Also, our VAR tech guys have suggested we no longer "hide" components in views by using the "hide/show" option in the view model tree, but rather create a model configuration and suppress the parts, then have the view display the config. Haven't got to that yet, we'll see how it works.