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PDM User Validation

Question asked by Stan Lake on Mar 5, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2019 by Stan Lake

I am new to this entire SW/PDM software, so please forgive any poor word choices.

I am trying to create a test vault from production and am running into some things that are confusing me.  The biggest of these is that after the test vault is created and all of the users are created, I am running the Validate Users and getting a few showing the red + on a few. The docs say that this means they are not on the vault server, but if I delete the user from the test vault, I can add them back as a new user and they show in the Active Directory list and they add back in just fine.  When I run Validate Users again, they fail to validate again.  I am obviously not understanding something about how this is working.  Can anyone provide any guidance as to what is a likely cause?