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How to display routed tubes in BOM without the virtual subassembly?

Question asked by Scott Wheeler on Mar 5, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2019 by Scott Wheeler

Is there a way to display routed tubing in my main assembly BOM and not display the virtual subassembly that was created when I made the routed tubing?


In the BOM below with Top Parts display selected I see the Virtual Subassemblies containing my routed lengths of tubing. The tubing files I assigned supplier information to and stored in my custom Routing Library does not show, and instead I have blank virtual subassemblies:

If I set my BOM options to show Parts Only, and Group pipes/tubes with the same diamter, I am able to obtain what I'm looking for with regards to the routed tubing in my assembly. However, I then am not showing the Top Parts for all the other components in my assembly, and this will create errors since I have subassemblies where I do not want to show those subassembly components.


Ultimately, I'd like to leave my BOM as showing Top Parts only, not show the Virtual Subassemblies, and instead show the routed tubing which has supplier info and othe rmetadata I created for our library.


Thanks for any input/advice!