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Routing crashing (2019 SP1)

Question asked by Mick Triplett on Mar 4, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2019 by Tony Vitale

Fresh install of Solidworks 2019. I just took one of the online routing courses, and one of the exercises was to create a new Route Specification. building on this, I did a "save as" on the Pipe.sldprt (from the routing library) and saved it as Pipe-API-5L (so that I could have the material grade and nominal pipe diameter automatically populate the B.O.M). and ran that through the Routing Library Manager and saved it into my pipes folder (so now I have pipe.sldprt and pipe.api-5l.sldprt). In the Route Specification I pointed to the pipe-api-5l.sldprt.


Everything was ok, I tested it out multiple times. It would occasionally crash (When changing the route diameter of a branch fitting off of a threadolet or sockolet), but overall was pretty stable. So I went to update a skid package I was working on. Now solidworks crashes almost 100% of the time that I click edit route. It will occasionally open the assembly and let me edit, but probably 90% of the time it crashes instead. Now, it doesn't crash when I create a new pipe spool assembly, but when I edit an existing one to the new Route Specification. Anybody know how to tell what exactly is causing the issue? It was doing ok at the end of last week, but when I fired it up today, just crash after crash after crash (probably 20 crashes at this point). Even the times that it will open and edit and save, it will typically crash if I try to edit the route a second time, so its very inconsistent.


My options at this point are to start from scratch and redo about 80 hrs worth of work (the assemblies, and 30pages of drawings) or try to keep on working through the crashes and hope it improves (I've rebooted the computer as well). Has anyone experienced this, and if so, found a work around?