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How do you cut out a shape on a  hollow sphere which starts from a point in the sphere and projects out to a plane outside of the sphere? The shape on the external plane is for example a 5 pointed star or the word "STAR".

Question asked by Kenny Christian on Mar 4, 2019

I want to create a hollow sphere and from the center outward "loft cut" a shape like a star out of it. Using loft cut I have got that to work. I would like to do the same with text like the word "STAR". Loft cut will work with one letter like "S" but a letter like "A" is not working and the whole word does not work.


How can I do this with many words and text as well as other shapes.  The text or shapes are seen as normal on a  flat plane but all the shapes taper to a point on the inside of the sphere and the sphere is the solid that gets the projection holes in it.