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How to engineer a composter with simulation ?

Question asked by Valentin Hantz on Mar 4, 2019

Hi everybody, I hope you are well !


I’m a French student who have a project for an important exam and after long times past to search I have not still find my answers. So I come to you guys, I think you are the last people that can help me.


Concretely my project is to engineer an ‘automatic rotating composter” to have a better render in your decomposition process.


In a composter there is a type of container where is organic waste being decomposes. So I must engineer this container, and for that, I need your help !


There are differents forces implemented in the container like the gravity, the force of organic wastes that moves in the container, the force of the air ect…

So to engineer my container I must taken it into account. I had tried to use Flow Simulation to recreate the impact of the air when the container turns but it’s was a failure totally.


I have thinking about use flow simulation to recrate the impact of organic wastes rotating into the container when it turns, with using water to replace organic wastes (because its impossible to simulate them) but I have search and try, and I simply fail to make.


I don’t know what to do :/

Can you help me ?


I have make a basic drawing to explain a little bit better the operation.

I really hope you can help me, you are my last chance, I will be very reconnaissant to anybody who can help, if you would somes precisions, I'm will be happy to answer.


Thanks a lot to all !