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Populate Bill of Materials from Drawing File Properties

Question asked by Aldo Fernández on Mar 4, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2019 by Aldo Fernández

I'm trying to populate a column on a bill of materials from the file properties entered in the drawing file. I understand that the bill of materials draws data from the linked part/assembly file, but I have a need to insert data from the drawing file properties rather than the part/assembly file properties. My purpose for doing this is so that I can create table templates for our drawings that will refer to a drawing file property (number input, not text) so that we can more quickly modify the data across multiple tables in the drawing file and the qty's of each part or body on each table can be multiplied by this value to update the total qty of bodies or parts in an assembly. As an example, we use one drawing sheet/table for laser cut parts, and another one for weldment parts. I want to be able to enter the order qty as a custom property in the drawing file properties and populate an order qty column on both tables from that one input that can then be used in an equation column to yield the total number of bodies/parts required. Is there a way to edit the "column type" (accessed by double clicking column heading A, B, C...) to include a drop down menu item for drawing file properties? Or if any one has suggestions for another way to do this, I'd greatly appreciate it.