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Bugs with solid works electrical line snaps and scaling.

Question asked by Bryan Hegardt on Mar 3, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2019 by Evan Stanek

Hello All,

I am a fairly new user to Solidworks but I have used Autocad and Bently Microstation for many years. I thought Solidworks would bring powerful automation to my drawings but it seems it can be as much work if not more. The problem I am having is when I place a wire in a schematic and try to insert terminals or other devices more than half the time the lines don't break and the object wont insert properly. I have checked the symbols to be sure they have points to snap to but the shapes still don't seem to snap correctly. No big deal except it effects all the automation stuff such as line numbers, terminal blocks, cable etc.

The second problem I am having is I made a change in the drawing properties from metric to imperial so I could use AWG vs mm2 and after 1 of my drawings scaling is ruined and I cant figure put how to correct it. It was only 1 of 8 drawings that were effected. Please help

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