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Central Texas SOLIDWORKS User Group - Second Annual - Special Event OR Who Knew the Mascot was a Solidworks User?

Question asked by Michael Sparling on Mar 4, 2019
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Posted by Michael Sparling in Central Texas SOLIDWORKS User Group on Mar 1, 2019 10:21:20 PM


Central Texas SOLIDWORKS User Group.


Thanks to everyone who attended, it turned out to be a pretty good night all around with the Stars winning their game, us users getting to see Ringo the Ringtail Texas Stars mascot (he's a SolidWorks user for those who didn't attend) and having a really good showing of SolidWorks and 3D scanning equipment from our VAR GoEngineer. Please remember to thank both VARs, GoEngineer and MLC-CAD for their continued support because they helped out with most of this meeting.


Hockey in Texas? Solidworks and Hockey user group meetings together? Yep.. This past Wednesday, we held our Second Annual Hockey and Solidworks User Group Meeting and all that showed up had a great time catching up with the GoEngineer team as they showed us some more SW tips and getting a 3D Handheld Scanner demo, that even Ringo enjoyed, AND we watched a great Hockey game in which the Texas Stars (AHL farm team to the Dallas Stars) whipped up on the Milwaukee Admirals (sorry my Wisconsin friends). The food was all you can eat so everyone who wanted more was pleased to see that there was more…


Ring the Ringtail, our Texas Stars Mascot, is a Solidworks user (I’m not even sure if who’s under the costume) and has used SW to create items for his costume like his Watch and Ring, among other items. He rode in on his scooter and enjoyed a few minutes taking pictures and saying hi before setting down and getting some SW knowledge. Really cool…


Many thanks to our VARs GoEngineer and MLC-CAD for lending a hand and pitching in for most of this event (we couldn’t have done it without you).


We’re in our 20th year this year and will be having 5 meetings this year so look out for upcoming event schedules and our next meeting is April 17th where Matt Lorono will be stopping by to discuss Drawings and MBD.


Pictures (most of them) are courteous of Michael Sparling. Thanks Michael


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Steve Calvert


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