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How to slove Motion analysis problem?

Question asked by Saba Sabuy on Mar 2, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2019 by Saba Sabuy

I have a big assembly file. so it has some subassembly file. I need to make a motion analysis but every time I see many problems.


First, my motion analysis does not work when I have some springs(subassembly files) so I have to suppress them from my job but I have shown the function of all parts together.



after I suppressed the springs, again I see this error: Simulation cannot continue.

I check everything and I understand the problem is in a distance that I assign for my part. in my job, there is a key that moves in the cylinder. The key skid in the cylinder and some parts have to move with the edge of the key.

so I assigned the distance of parts correctly but the key jammed when it pushed the part so I have to make distance larger. It seems that the key need more distance but in reality, it does not.

How can I solve these problems?