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Align form tool feature & hole wizard feature

Question asked by Pierre-Antoine Mangeret on Mar 2, 2019
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I am trying to replicate a paper puncher and one part is made of sheet metal and another as a solid (I couldn't figure it out in sheet metal & I guess it's a cast, but I am not completely sure).


In my sheet metal part, there is one feature that is made with the form tool (one feature, two points in sketch).

On my assembly, I want to create a hole feature to align the three holes together (one on the top plate of my sheet metal, one on the bottom plate of my sheet metal -- however it is only going through the form feature, since it is already opened there), and then on hole in the base.


I got it working by:

  1. using the form feature in my sheet metal part
  2. using the hole wizard in my assembly with the sketch points using the center of the holes from the form feature

If I update the placement of my sheet metal, the holes updates in the assembly

So far, so good.


The top two holes, with the bottom one going through the form tool feature:


and a cut view with all three holes in two different parts:


However, if I propagate the hole wizard features to the parts (and in particular the sheet metal part), then SW gets stuck after I update the distance in the sheet metal part.

It basically complains that something is incorrect and I have the choice to stop or continue. However, no buttons in the pop-up is working.

I have to kill SW. I believe that's a bug.


Did I reach this point by doing something convoluted? Or is it just SW that has a bug?

As for what's wrong during rebuild, I understand that the hole is managed on top.

I am not sure how the update steps go:

-> dimension update -> form tool sketch update -> form tool update -> *form tool has a conflict with hole wizard* (until I could switch back to assembly?)

Is that it?


I hoped to have the spacing to the edge defined in the hole wizard feature sketch, and then have the form tool updates its placement based on that.

I couldn't get it work because of the precedence required to have the form tool working correctly.

I figured out that I had to place the form feature first as otherwise, it wouldn't draw if I was creating it after the hole wizard is made.


I attached my assembly as well as all the parts.

Rebuild will be ok.

If you want to check the error I am talking about, enable propagation to parts in the hole wizard.


So, I am interested in:

- knowing if you have the same blocking as I do when propagation to part is enabled,

- what you think of my method,

- and how you would do it if you had to do it.


I am also interested in any comments on my drawing/assembly (even if that would go over the question I opened here).