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Fatal Flaw in Sheet Metal Drawing Automation

Question asked by Kevin Gruscinski on Mar 1, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2019 by Ian McLean

My company plans to automate the process of producing drawings for sheet metal flats, but it has been discovered that on all of our machines (SWX 2018 SP5), the flat pattern is imported at a 90 degree angle. Regardless of how the part was drawn, the flat drawing appears rotationally incorrect. Our nesting software necessitates a horizontal flat, but unless if we draw every part vertically we will need to manually create the drawings. It had been said that we could automatically create and export drawings, but now it seems that this is a glitch in SWX which has been noted by the developers but ignored. Sparse comments exist on the forums, but others have aired the same concern.


Can anyone suggest a way of attacking this issue? We have spent time conversing with our VAR, and they said they'll reach out to DS for us. In the meantime, we hope to create some workaround, potentially using a macro of some sort. Any input would be appreciated.