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Miter flange: spacing between bends is not right, how can I check it?

Question asked by Pierre-Antoine Mangeret on Feb 28, 2019



I looking around the Sheet Metal module and I have been playing with Miter Flanges a little bit.

I ended up doing such a structure where I see an issue but I do not know how to check it.


As you can see, the 5th bend from the left is square, and not rounded.

The explanation is clear: there is not enough distance on that edge to fit two bends. I can fix it if I see it.


Now my question is: how can I check that if I didn't see it visually?

I checked with 'check' from the evaluate tab but it didn't point that error.

Note that it builds properly as well.

Also, I believe this is not correct for manufacturing as the thickness in that corner is thicker than the metal sheet. Is that correct?