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Supressed components in subassemlies are lightweight - have to End Task w/ Flow Simulation

Question asked by Ken Lux on Mar 1, 2019

SW 2017 SP5.0


Flow simulation yells at you that it can't deal with lightweight components. And it does so without a checkbox that says not to ask again.

So I have an assembly I need to do some flow simulation on. It has several subassemblies in it.


Both the top-level assembly and the subassemblies have configurations that are specifically for conducting flow simulation. These configurations have certain component/features suppressed because they add complexity to the mesh, but aren't important to the flow simulation.


I have the following options set to try to force all components to be resolved and none to be loaded lightweight.


However, often flow simulation will pop up a message saying that it can't deal with lightweight components and that I should resolve all of them. It appears to do this when I change anything in the top-level assembly and when it does ANY sort of preparation for the flow simulation. If it popped up once or twice, that would be OK, but it will pop up multiple times. Sometimes it pops up just once or twice. But if I change anything in the flow simulation, it will pop up dozens of times. Sometimes it quits after 24 times, other times it appears to go on forever. I have to use Windows task manager to end the solidworks task (in applications, not processes). This will let me save the assembly. So then I can open SW again, unload the flow simulation add-on, load my assembly, make any changes, and then save it before loading the flow-simulation plug in again.


After some investigation, I found that RMB clicking on the top-level assembly gave an option to set lightweight to resolved. I click on that, but the option remains - indicating that there are still lightweight components. I tried to use VBA to list the lightweight components, but that's actually tougher than it looks.


Finally, I found that a subassembly with suppressed components that appeared to be causing the problem. If I opened that subassembly and RMB clicked on its top-level assembly, I had an option to set lightweight to resolve that went away after clicking it.


Later, I opened the offending subassembly from the top-level assembly and then changed the configuration to one without components suppressed. This then showed several items that were lightweight.


So... it appears that SW ignores the settings shown above and loads suppressed components in subassemblies as lightweight!


Is there a registry setting to actually force SW to resolve suppressed subassembly components? Is there a Flow simulation setting/registry key that will have it ignore suppressed lightweight components or at least stop freaking out hundreds of times a day when trying to run a Flow Simulation?