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Questions on SSP (skeleton sketch part) modelling

Discussion created by Ahmet Kalkan on Mar 1, 2019
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I am using Solidworks for 10 years. I use bottom up method usually but this method become a torture to me since I changed my sector. So I researched top down methods and my path crossed with SSP. It seem very promising. I'm trying to adapt to this method for a week but I couldn't tackle some problems. Here they are:


  • How do you add stock parts like bearing housings, pumps, wheels, pnomatic cylinders etc? And how do you use same parts that you use on other projects of yours?
  • How do you use same part in differant places of assy? If we try to use same orijin for all parts we can't pattern or copy a part. Because copied part's orijin won't be at zero. Do you copy sketch in SSP to reuse a part? Didn't this spoils BOM quantities?
  • How do you make aligned holes on multiple parts? I couldn't use convert entities command to copy hole points in SSP. Also I can't use derivate sketch because it can't be use as hole wizard sketch. I think SSP probably offer a good alternative to assembly hole series. But if we have hundreds of holes it will be very painful to copy all points in sketch. Also I think will have problems if I change SSP.
  • Is there a method to use SSP with sheet metal? I couldn't use up to vertex command while making sheet metal flanges.
  • What if we want to change a model, so made changes on a sketch and that sketch is referance to another sketch. This may cause a catastrophe on model. Similar to bottom up mates approach.
  • What is your method to design weldment profiles on SSP. Do you put profile type (like NPU100) on a sketch? Or you just draw extrusion lines? What happen if you change your profile type? How do you manage different profiles in same SSP?


There may be answers to these questions in this forum. I've tried to find them but I failed. If you just point where answers are I'll be grateful. Yet I prefer a detailed explanation to implement SSP method. Or a video tutorial series will be fantastic.