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PDM & SW Manage Integration?

Question asked by Jaymin Chavda on Feb 28, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2019 by Kamil Wilkosz

I have SW PDM Server & Client on same laptop with 4-5 diffrent vault as test environment & practice, I also have installed SW Manage on same machine here I am confuse about the SQL Database of Specific Vault & SW Manage, When we create new vault in SW PDM it will create a new SQL Database automatically which is connected with vault & similarly Specific vault archives also create separate location, So I have added the first SW Manage vault which is having a separate SQL Database for PDM Vault & separate SQL database for SW manage Location but what if I want to add Second vault in SW Manage,


can we select the same SQL database which is for PDM vault to create add in to SW Manage?

Can any one suggest steps to add or connect multiple PDM vault to SW manage or can it be possible?


SW Manage.JPGSW Manage-1.JPG

As you can see here I have added PDM vault in SW manage but now I want to add the ACME vault in to the same Manage so is it required to have separate SQL database for ACME SW Manage?