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Macro that pulls the following info from excel to make drawings

Question asked by Sean Leahy on Feb 28, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2019 by Sean Leahy

hello all i have a macro that takes an open assembly creates a drawing and exports an indented BOM that looks like the following


Item No.          file path for part/assembly          file name          config name        file extension      QTY

     1                         some path                              abc                 Default                  .sldasm             2

     2                         some path                              def                  default                  .sldprt                4


now i need some help creating the second macro (yes they need to be separate macros because of things that happen between macro 1 and 2) that pulls the first row of the table opens that file creates a drawing in the same folder as that file then close the file and the new drawing saving of course. then it deletes that row from the excel file and then saves the excel file. then repeat till either the excel has no more rows in the table or solidworks crashes due to lack of resources. and if the crash happens you can start the macro again because it will start from where it left off because when it finishes a row it deletes it and saves the excel file.


there are many reasons i am doing this in a round about way, the biggest one is because of the size of the assembly and most other methods have failed.


any suggestions or help no matter how small is helpful because i am new to macros in Solidworks


attached is what i have so far along with an example excel file made from the first macro