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I can't open a SW 2019 Drawing File from Windows Explorer

Question asked by Mario Castro on Feb 28, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2019 by Mario Castro

While working on drawings on SW2019 has worked well, when I now try to open a drawing file from the Windows Explorer, it no longer appears as a "Solidworks Drawing Document", but instead it shows up as a "SldWorks 2019 Application" with a SW icon instead of the Drawing miniature. What I find problematic is that when I open the file from Windows Explorer it opens in another session of Solidworks and an error message occasionally appears saying: "A journal file could not be created. Auto recover will not work. Another session of SOLIDWORKS may be running on this machine." The only way I can open the file in the same session is dragging and dropping it into the SW screen or opening it from Solidworks.


Any idea on how I can change this so I can open drawing files the way it was available on SW2018?


I have installed SW2019 SP1.0



Mario C.