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SWX equivalent to Creo layers in assemblies and parts

Question asked by Rob Pettigrew on Feb 27, 2019

I looked around in the forum and all I could find regarding layers is either how to work with them in a drawing or that they can't be used in parts and assemblies.  But I haven't been able to find a good equivalent.


So, I'm putting out there what we're trying to achieve and see if someone can provide as a solution using SWX capabilities.


In Creo, we used layers to automatically collect and group features of certain types (sketches, anything with _FOV in the name, datums, etc.).  These layers can be set up as part of the start part/assembly or created manually and they can be given rules on what to "collect" and what the layers visibility is.  Anytime a feature/sketch/etc. is created, if it fulfills one of the rules, it is automatically added to that layer and the visibility of that layer is applied to it.  Layers could apply to an assembly or a part.  If a sub-assembly or part had a layer, that layer was included in the list of layers for the next higher level assembly.

One of the primary purposes of this is to have things like fields of view for components with lenses (cameras, antenna) and stay-out volumes for components with articulation on a layer that is automatically managed and easily made visible or not visible.



Is anyone aware of a capability or technique in SWX that fulfills this purpose?  If this has already been addressed, my apologies, please point me to the existing thread.  Thanks, all!