Kevin Chandler

(HoverSloMo) Utility to temporarily slow your mouse for easier selection

Discussion created by Kevin Chandler on Feb 26, 2019



The attached HoverSloMo operates he same as the HoverSloMo function in HoverDubl… (this allows you to run the HoverSloMo function without the rest of HoverDubl).

Press and hold the Ctrl and Alt keys to slow your mouse speed.

Release these keys and your mouse speed is returned to normal.


To install,copy the attached file to its own folder and run it.

The first time it's run, HoverSloMo.ini is extracted from the exe file.

If you fell your ini file is corrupted, delete it and run HoverSloMo, The default ini will be extracted.

You don't need to manually edit this file.


In the lower right corner of your screen right-click the icon and this menu displays:

Choose Suspend to halt the Ctrl+Alt key combination without having to exit.

Select Exit to close the utility.


The speed reduction is a percentage (5-95%) of your current mouse speed.

To set your percentage, select the "Adjust HoverSloMo Speed" menu and this dialog displays:

Drag the new speed slider and the Test and Save buttons are enabled:

Click the Test button to get an idea of the mouse speed at the slider's current position.

To reset your speed to normal: 1) Drag the slider to new position. 2) Click Save. 3) Click Cancel.


When you click Save, the new speed is used for the current sessions and is written to the ini file for later recall.


Unlike with HoverDubl, there's no speed indication dialog to show HoverSloMo is active: