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      hi all,

      as we all have a big note on our drawing "DO NOT SCALE - ASK"
      why are we producing drawing views with such precision?
      why do i need a '1:15' or a '1:20' when all i want is to get it the right size for the paper?
      why cant i hightlight the viewport and zoom in and out with my mouse wheel until it looks the right size? i then put dimensions on as per usual.
      the fitter, machineist just needs to know what size it is! thats our job and thats why we put dimensions on! i dont want him to scale my sheet NEVER EVER.
      come on sw make the program do what i want not what you want.

      thanks mart
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          Eddie Cyganik


          You should add a "Poll" for your proposal.

          I think you'll be surprised by the results.

          ...then again I could be wrong.
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            Josh Brady
            If you really don't care what the heck the scale actually is, try this macro out. Open a drawing and run the macro. A form will appear with two sliders. One slider is for the selected view, the other is for the sheet. Both sliders will change their respective scale dynamically.

            If you have a view selected and that view scale is set to "Use sheet scale", the "View" slider will be disabled. The "Sheet" slider will always be enabled. If the view you picked is set to "Use Parent Scale" then the slider will set the scale of the selected view's parent view.

            The sliders will set the scale from 64:1 to 1:64. If you need a wider range than that the math can be fiddled with.
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                thanks Josh, i gave it a try but my vista x64 struggles abit with it. the window pops up beneath and is locked to top screen. i will have a fiddle.
                how do i poll?
                i know most of you lot havent worked with acad but couldnt the sw lot have a sneaky lookat it? i have been zooming in viewports for years. so easy and much easyer than fixed scales.
                another point. why is the sheet scale hidden in right click, properties and then retype a new scale??? not even a drop down list.
                why isnt it possible to click the note on the base line and bring up a list of scales. copy acad again please.
                i would love to watch over the shoulder of a sw boss trying to get sw drawings to work fast. talk about wasted clicks.
                computers are meant to do the boring stuff while we do the inventing.

                cheers mart