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SolidWorks 2018 Crashing when lofting two sketches

Question asked by Andrew Kraft on Feb 26, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2019 by Jony Su

Pretty novice at SolidWorks, for a research project I'm working on I'm trying to loft cross-sections of a fuselage together. I have the cross-sections all set, and am trying to loft the two splines from different planes together, but whenever I select the second spline on the next plane SolidWorks crashes. I've attached some pictures as well as the file I'm using now. From the pictures, when I select the second spline and click the check, the program stops working and will crash. I've tried using other methods other than basic lofting (swept and boundary), and those didn't crash SolidWorks, but they also didn't provide any surfaces.