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Web License

Question asked by Wil Lambert on Feb 25, 2019
Latest reply on May 1, 2019 by Wil Lambert

I travel often and switch on a daily basis from a desktop to a laptop .Since we are not able to use two installs now they forced me into the web license. Great concept, poorly executed.


Most of the time it works as planned. Just don't ever loose internet for an extended time during a session. You are forced to save and the software shuts down.


What am I missing here? The time my software was open is less than 6 hours. Internet goes off, software dies. What a joke. I can understand 24 hours open or some over extended time that phoning home makes sense . A short stint diesdoe make sense. 


This is not acceptable. In the past two days I have lost over 5 hours of work due to this issue. Checking out a license isn't the solution. I don't know when internet will die. It's not often . Having a system license isn't acceptable either. Your competition doesn't have this issue, why does Solidworks?


Who else has fallen into this trap ?