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SolidWorks Web Help not working

Question asked by Aaron Mednick on Feb 25, 2019
Latest reply on May 21, 2020 by Victor Frauenfeld



I recently got SolidWorks and am taking the essentials course. On the first day the teacher showed us what he called an invaluable tool, the "web help" search bar. As you type something, the program pulls any relevant info from its online database and suggests it. However, upon trying to use it on my home computer, I get an error message about not being connected to the internet, even though I certainly am. What's more, in the window that pops up with the error message, there's a home button, which, when clicked, takes me right to the web help homepage... so it's clearly not an internet issue on my end. Has anyone encountered a similar problem? Being new to SolidWorks, I'd really appreciate being able to use this function, and it sucks that it's not working correctly.


Thanks in advance!