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How to flag edit-box properties as read-only after transition

Question asked by Vasin Paradorn on Feb 25, 2019
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GOAL : Part Number that can only be changed (through Data Card edit-box) in the Initial State & prior to transitioning out of the Initial State.
              After leaving the Initial State, no one should be able to change or update it (except for Admin).



I am in the process of configuring my development SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional environment.

I would like to know how I can "Flag" a Part Number Edit-Box property as Read-Only after transitioning out of the initial state.


The plan is to only allow user to change the Part Number only in the Work In Process state (Initial State).

Once the object transition out of the Work In Process state, the object will never return to this state. 


The work flow is:

Work In Process (Initial State)      ----Release---->      Released      ----Request Change---->     Change Pending      ----Release---->      Released.


I have looked at

1. Version Free Variable (No Good):

   1.1 Does have State Specific Permission (Edit version free variable data)

   1.2 Does NOT not map to SWs Custom Property.


2. Deriving Part Number from File Name (No Good):

   2.1 Does have State Specific Permission (Add or rename file)

   2.2 Does map to SWs Custom Property

   2.3 Does NOT want "John Doe - Test Part Number 1" as the Part Number

         NOT every file will have a Part Number (users will most likely not tolerate Part Number File Name only requirement)


Would anyone have any recommendations / suggestions?


Thank you very much!