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Help: transfer component / part (material) properties to assembly

Question asked by Karl Okeson on Feb 25, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2019 by Carrie Ives

Pretty straight forward, I'd like the assembly to have a customer property "Material" which rolls up from a component of my choosing, generally the first component in the assembly.


In general, we use assemblies to manage some "parts" - for example, plastic components that are overmolded of OTS parts, plastic parts with inserts, sheet metal parts with inserts, etc.


Let's say I have a sheet metal component, with several standard PEM type inserts. We model the sheet metal as .sldprt and the appropriate hole features and locations for the inserts. We then make an assembly with the sheet metal part, and add the overlapping component in their appropriate positions.


I want the assembly to carry the material even though SolidWorks recognizes it as an assembly, not as a component. Is there a syntax to handle this in the customer properties using @@component-1<1>@assembly bla bla bla? It is important for our drawings as our drawing templates populate notes linking to customer properties. One of these notes is clearly material - we have to employ work-arounds to get it to work currently.



Also, before people ask why I don't just insert the PEM inserts into the part as deprived parts - it doesn't work with our workflow. PDM messes up the references, won't generate BOMs, doesn't do Contains correctly, and the placement tools and workflow are terrible as well. Assemblies really is the better way of handling this.