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Single command at a time

Question asked by Brian Normoyle on Feb 25, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2019 by Brian Normoyle

Since I booted up this morning I have have only been allowed to do a single command at a time for example - Dimension a drawing, I have to select the dimension button for each dimension. Or using the hole wizard, I can only place one position at a time then have to flick back to type and forward again to position to drop another location. Even when I select a line in the sketch section, it is now also making me select the type from the drop down menu, for example when drawing a line I cant choose it from the top level tile/button I have to use the drop down menu. This was all working fine on Friday and as far as I know nobody was on my computer over the weekend. Running SW 2018 SP4. Any help would be appreciated