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Force drawing view to rotate if imported vertically

Question asked by Kevin Gruscinski on Feb 25, 2019

I'm setting up drawing templates for my company, and one thing we're vying for is an automated method of creating sheet metal flat drawings with annotations and exporting the drawings as DXF files. Depending on how a piece may be drawn, the flat view on the drawing may have the long edge aligned vertically with the short edge horizontal, but we want to force the long edge to be horizontal.


Without manually modifying the flat pattern display angle upon placing the model view, is there a way to have SWX identify the long edge and align it properly? Many thanks to all who can assist.


For illustration: A part file may enter a drawing at the first orientation, but I would like a way to force SWX to recognize the second state as the more correct one.








EDIT: It can be assumed that all flats will be rectangular in shape (or at least have a bounding box parallel with the flat's outer edges).