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Why is my wrap failing due to zero-thickness geometry

Question asked by Calvin Tan on Feb 25, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2019 by M. B.

Hi, I am a final year student at the National University of Singapore doing my final year project.


I am doing a stent design mainly using emboss wrap.


The basic outline of how i created the stent

1) Create a hollow cylinder

2) Create a V shape on a plane tangent to the cylinder and wrap emboss it around the cylinder

3) Circular pattern the V feature around the cylinder to get a VVVVVV shape

4) Linear pattern this VVVVVV shape to get 3 stent struts

5) Create a straight rectangle on the same tangent plane to act as the connectors between the stent struts

6) Wrap emboss this straight rectangle

7) Extrude the hollow cylinder to leave only the embossed design.


The problem I am facing is extremely weird. I am able to do every step just fine as shown in the picture below.




However, the problem occurs when I try to raise my stent amplitude.



It works if its below 13 but anything above causes the connecting wrap to fail.




Can anyone please help me with this issue? I have attached my file to facilitate troubleshooting since I have no idea why changing the amplitude causes this error.