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Sweep with guide curve goes back to starting point

Question asked by Pierre-Antoine Mangeret on Feb 23, 2019
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I am rather new to SolidWorks and completely new to sweep.

I followed the sweep training path on MySolidworks and then jumped in to make an example of my own.


If I used only profile and path, and the path is in 2D, it is ok.

If I am adding a guide curve made (manually) in a 3D sketch, then after the end of the 3D sketch line, it goes back automatically to the origin, and all lines from my profile converge to one point. I even had to disable 'merge smooth faces' to have a picture that is not a preview.


I revised by profile and checked my relations, including where the 'pierce' is set, without success.

I have attached my part. I am running SW 2018.








I edited the end of my 3D sketch and it modified the beginning of my sweep.

I attached that part as sweep_fail2.