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Thicken Mesh Surface

Question asked by Steven Lawrence on Feb 23, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2019 by Paul Salvador

Hi Everyone,


I have a step file of a 3D scan I am trying to use the "Thicken" feature on. The ultimate goal is to create a solid body of the original step file. My plan was to convert the mesh surface to a solid body using the thickness feature and then use the intersect tool to create the internal volume. I have successfully done this but it will only work when you make the adjustment shown below to the surface trim planes.


First I imported the step file and repaired the surfaces/gaps. Then I inserted into an assembly to orientate the model and add some other components. Then I saved the assembly as a part file to start manipulating. These other components are not important right now.


This is how the original step file comes in and how I repaired it.

Import using file specified units. You may need to then change your file units back to inches after it loads.



This is how the desired part file comes in right now. If you edit the offset distance of the two cut planes the thicken feature will resolve itself. I need the yellow surface to be as long as possible. The cut planes are there to trim up the "frayed edges" from the original scan.