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Batch Custom Properties Program

Discussion created by Fifi Riri on Feb 23, 2019
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Here is a stand-alone application to display and edit the custom properties and configuration custom properties of a list of files.

As of version 0.25, it can run in 2 modes: Fast and Slow


The Fast mode uses SolidWorks Document Manager library to avoid opening each files and speeding up the process.

If you don’t have one yet, follow this link to request your SwDocManager license key (it's free):

Then place it in the text file that will be created in the same folder as the program.


The Slow mode uses SolidWorks to open each files to get or set the custom properties.

It's more like a test mode, to see how the application works while waiting for the SwDocManager license key.

It should work like the Fast mode, albeit with all the issues of opening files with SolidWorks.




- change a custom property value in a file by editing its cell

- change a custom property value in all the files by defining the column’s rule, then apply it by right-clicking the column header

- add or remove a custom property by right-clicking the column header

- save the columns’ name and rules for next use


Message was edited on the 28/02/2019 - Version 0.2:

  - Add support for Cut List Items Custom Properties

  - Add support for Drawings Custom Properties

  - Update Custom Properties writing function

  - Fix some bugs

  - Add help file

Message was edited on the 02/03/2019 - Version 0.21:

  - Add options to remove all columns after selected column

  - Fix some bugs

Message was edited on the 04/07/2019 - Version 0.22:

  - Fix crash during columns loading

Message was edited on the 07/07/2019 - Version 0.23:

  - Add option to only show saved columns

  - Fix crash during refresh if a column was sorted

Message was edited on the 08/07/2019 - Version 0.24:

  - Use Ookii.Dialogs.dll for Browse dialog

  - Add menu to apply the rule of each columns

Message was edited on the 18/10/2019 - Version 0.25:

  - Add Slow mode that uses SolidWorks instead of SolidWorks Document Manager library

  - Add a button to load all the files of an assembly

  - Replaced Ookii.Dialogs.dll by an integrated custom dialog

  - Add rule to replace part of the Custom Properties text by another (use: <Replace(oldText,newText)>)

Message was edited on the 29/10/2019 - Version 0.26:

  - Fix bug in the Replace rule function that prevented custom properties to be created.

Message was edited on the 13/11/2019 - Version 0.27:

  - Match parts custom property name and column name with Case insensitive

Message was edited on the 16/11/2019 - Version 0.28:

 - Fix bug where some custom properties couldn't be updated if the rows where re-ordered

 - Fix bug where pasting in multiple columns wouldn't work if the columns where re-ordered

Message was edited on the 23/01/2020 - Version 0.29:

 - Add text box to highlight rows

 - Add buttons to export/import a spreadsheet

 - Add option to delete all properties except the saved ones

 - Add option to create blank saved properties