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bendnoteformat.txt __What is possible by modifing this file???

Question asked by Peter J. Maczik on Feb 23, 2019

How does SW use this file?


What programming language does this file use, if any?


In the line that contains  "<bend-radius-0> = SHARP"       What does the "0" value pertain to?  Since learning a little about API, I would think "0" would be a default      enumeration but I cant find any information about this after hours and hours of research.

     "Sharp"  I would think pertains to Virtual Sharp but only a guess.


In the <bend angle> brackets you can edit "complementary" or "supplementary" angles for your default, are there other options for the other brackets?


Are we limited to only  <bend-direction> <bend-angle> <bend-order> <bend-radius> <bend-allowance>  formats??? What about within the brackets?


I've painstakingly played around with this file but havent been able to do anything more than add text outside the brackets to appear in the bend note.



Also since were on a bend note topic, which I will start a new post for:


Where I work, engineering manually enters values in the bend notes. For bend order they will manually enter "C#-1" in the <> brackets for bend #1. This "C#-" puts a balloon around the number in the bend note and I cant find any information about this function anywhere so far.

Is this a C# program function? Embedded macro of some sort?

Is anybody familiar with this, this could be a clue to what is possible in automating custom bend notes.


Thank you in advance!!!