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Single Part Cut In Half / BOM Quantities

Question asked by Richard Ahlgrim on Feb 22, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2019 by Matt Peneguy

I'm curious as to how other people handle this situation.


I have an assembly where the main body is two halves of a part that starts as a single piece.

In the picture the body is the yellow part.

The way it's modeled is the same as the way the part is manufactured.

It starts as a single rectangular block, it is machined, then cut in half.

In the model I have a configuration for each half.


The issue I have when creating an assembly drawing is that the bill of material shows each half as a separate item number, each quantity 1.

I would like to have the BOM show the body as a single item, qty. 1.

With the BOM options available I can get; One item qty 2, or Two items qty 1, but not One item qty 1.


In this particular case just editing the quantities in the BOM, is a reasonable enough workaround.

That said, I really hate manually changing any info that is automatically generated by SW.


Does anyone else have to deal with a similar situation?


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