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    Mesh generation

      I have been trying to create a mesh of simple objects using Solidworks and then
      save the created mesh so that i can view the points that define the mesh in a
      program such as notepad, but it seems as if there is no way to make solidworks
      save the created mesh. Is there something that I am missing, or is this
      something Solidworks is not capable of doing? Any help with this issue would be
      greatly appreciated.
        • Mesh generation
          The best you'll do here is to create a vrml file. This is text editable and looks to have a list of coordinates. Sounds like you're used to doing something specific in another software package.
          • Mesh generation
            If you have SWO Premium and 2007 beta4 (or Pre-release next week) then you have a lot more flexiblity because you can then use ScanTo3D. The trick is that you can save your solid out as VRML as Matt suggests, then you can read it back in using ScanTo3D. Once it's read in you can then save it with the .xyz format and this is essentially a text file with 3D coordinates. I'm attaching a file here that was done from our "xbox.xyz" demo part.


            Mark Biasotti