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Best practice to have dynamic extrusion lengths rebuild and effortlessly?

Question asked by Hal Seltzer on Feb 22, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2019 by Hal Seltzer

I have a model assembly with approximately 10 sub-assemblies that each contain simple parts with extrusion lengths that are variable.


When I say the part lengths are variable, they can be either top assembly ( Multiple configurations) or sub-assembly configurations dependent OR top level custom property input (via Property Tab Builder menu).


The part extrusion lengths are linked to their own global variables, which in turn are linked to the top level assembly global variables.


When I either switch the upper level configurations or change the upper level custom properties, most, if not all, of the extrusion lengths will not resolve on a Rebuild or CTR-Q Rebuild. If I close and reopen the model, everything is rebuilt correctly.


Is there a way or modeling method to mitigate having to close and reopen a model?