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API - (VBA) Best way to extract Revision Table Data

Question asked by Cad Admin on Feb 22, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2019 by Nilesh Patel

VBA Macro question,


My Quality department has tasked me to look into compiling a document that contains all the revisions for a job/drawing set. What would be the best way to extract the data from the drawings?  Revision tables are only on the drawing sheets, not stored as custom properties, Nor on the DataCard


  • I know i can use 2017 SOLIDWORKS API Help - Get Revision Table Example (VBA) to extract, the data.
  • I know how select and run on all the drawings associated with the assembly.
  • For smaller jobs/assemblies this is fine....totally do-able. My issues is running the macro on a large number of files, and memory.  I have a few macros that i have that crash due to running out of memory, due to SolidWorks not fully releasing the memory.


Some of the answers i know are coming,

  •      No we don't use add-ins due to IT restrictions
  •      No we don't use standalone due to IT restrictions
  •      #Task is not an option due to IT restrictions


Any Thoughts?