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New Workstation for large assemblies (modeling and drawings)

Question asked by Carlos Carneiro on Feb 22, 2019


My company is getting a new workstation. We work with solidworks 2016 (probably will upgrade later this year).

We work with very large assemblies and we need to make very detailed drawings. We spend a lot of time waiting for the assemblies to rebuild/open and some complex drawings too.

Our actual workstations are something like this:


Dell precision tower 5810

Xeon E5-1650 v4 3.6Ghz 15mb cache

32gb RAM DDR4


Ssd drive 250gb sata 3


I have made the following setup for the upgrade:


Dell Precision tower 5810

Xeon W-2135 3.7Ghz (up to 4.5Ghz turbo ST), 6 cores, 8.25mb cache

32gb RAM (2x16) DDR4 2666mhz RDIMM ECC

m.2 512gb PCIe NVME class 40 SSD

QUADRO P2000 5gb


A Quadro P4000 8gb  and 64gb RAM would make my life a lot easier? would it worth it? Make it easier to work arround big assembly drawings?


I also asked for an equivalent for a 7820 tower but dell suggested a Xeon SIlver  4110 2.1Ghz (3ghz turbo) 8c 11mb cache and I think it would not be the right kind of processor for sw.


Thanks in advance for your attention!