Mark Nelson

Next Meeting is scheduled, Mark your Calendars 5/17/19 noon at Ridgedale Library

Discussion created by Mark Nelson on Feb 22, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2019 by Steven Billeter

A few brave hardcore SolidWorks users made it for our Tuesday meeting on Tolerance Analysis as well as Surfacing. Thank you to Dean Schley and James Nelson from Alignex who also braved the winter weather and drove from afar to bring us two of the best presentations we've had to date!

  The next meeting were trying a new day and time. its a Friday so we'll start and hour early, noon-2:30pm on 5/17/19 at Ridgedale Library in Minnetonka.  One presentation on Injection Molding, as well as another on SolidWorks Plastics. We are looking forward to these, make sure and add it to your calendars. See you there!