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What the heck is 3DEXPERIENCE? and why would I need it?

Question asked by Jason Martin on Feb 21, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2019 by Thuc Nguyen

I know I've been reading about the complaints about SWW now being called 3DEXPERIENCE WORLD, so I was trying to get some more information on if this could even help my company. As I've been searching about for more information about this 3Dexperience platform, everything I'm reading is just a general explanation of everything I can just do myself in solidworks. it seems like there are solidworks add-ons that are explaining 3DEXPERIENCE such as the simulation.

I just cannot connect the dots on this.


It's just fustrating trying to understand this from the website, but I dont want to give up until I really know what the heck this is...

I can only think of it as a single platform for ALL of dassault's software? Is this right?