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    cosworks.dll cannot be loaded

    Nick Vande Waerdt
      Ever since installing '09, I cannot load my Simulation add-in. An error comes up that says "C:\.....\cosworks.dll cannot be loaded. Either the Add-in or one of its components is missing"

      The file in question exists in the location it says. The other Premium options like Motion and Routing add-in just fine. Simulation is the only problem. My IT has tried everything my VAR can think of short of re-installing SW. This same problem also comes up when I try it on my coworkers computer. We are using multiple network licenses, one of which is Premium, the others are Professional. When I load in Motion, my SW goes and grabs the Premium license off the network just fine. Adding Simulation at this point doesn't work either.

      Anyone seen this? Any ideas?
        • cosworks.dll cannot be loaded
          Ameer Chilakala
          While using Solidworks 2009, the solidworks and simulaiton products has to be the same service pack. if the service packs are different then you will get .cosworks.dll missing error. Use Solidworks installaiton manager while installing the Simulaiton products.
          • cosworks.dll cannot be loaded
            Nick Vande Waerdt
            Thanks Ameer, I am now completely on SP 3.0, and I no longer get the error! Thanks!
            • Re: cosworks.dll cannot be loaded
              Greg Morehouse

              I have a similar problem.


              Our Network License has 2 Premium seats and 1 Professional seat.


              Two machines with SW2009-SP3.0 can run linear static simulations just fine.


              One machine with SW2009-SP4.0 and another with SW2009-SP5.0 won't even add-in Simulation with a message box saying "No license exists for SolidWorks Simulation. Would you like to run the Activation Wizard?". Which I would expect if using a standalone license but not our network one.


              Any suggestions? Please help!


              How can I check that my SW and Simulation installs are the same Service Pack?


              All installations were done using Admin Images on 32-bit XP machines.

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                  to check what service pack SolidWorks is on, click on the help pulldown menu about SolidWorks.  To check the Simulation service pack click on the Simulation pulldown menu and about Simulation

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                    Brian Zias

                    Greg, modify your installation of SolidWorks (via Control Panel > Programs...) and make sure you have put in your network serial number in the Simulation slot, particularly if you have stand-alone SW licensing.


                    If you are using the admin image only then all products should be the same SP.


                    Be sure and give your VAR a call to help further, this is the type of thing they should be able to help with in a matter of minutes.