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simplified drawing

Question asked by Jack John Frahm on Feb 21, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2019 by Richard Ahlgrim

Hey Community,


My company is investigating moving forward with a simplified drawing program. Capturing "critical dimensions" on a drawing but leaving other geometry undimensioned and allowing vendor to pull that data from our solid model. We find in practice that this is how they operate as it is. More often than not a question comes up because a drawing does not agree with the model and after investigation, the drawing has the error. We tell them to follow the model and we will fix the drawing.


50,000 foot view of critical would be holes, the x,y,z of our "box", and where customers interface or connect up to our box. I know our standard would need to get much more detailed than that.


One of the crew mentioned 4953_en.pdf which is attached but is for the automotive industry.


What is the communities thoughts? I am on the fence. I hate detailing drawings because I feel it takes away from my design time (our parts are very complicated machined blocks of aluminum. I also understand the camp of all dimensions are critical.


Let the discussion begin and insights begin!


Thanks in advance,