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Can I make a simulation "Enhancement Request" as a guest subscription?

Question asked by Trevor Skjerpen on Feb 21, 2019
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Question: Trevor Skjerpen


2013, Static Study: External Loads, Force, Selection:Beams, Units:SI:Per Unit Length, Non-Uniform Distribution:Table Driven:Distance:Force Per Unit Length (N/m). Solidworks configured to MMGS but I cant get force Per Unit Length to N/mm and N/m will not go to 0.001 or below. Help!



Ryan Dark

Correct Answer by Ryan Dark on 20-Feb-2019 1:19 PM

Hi Trevor,

The units system of the model itself does not control the units of Simulation studies. The unit controls for Simulation are found under the 'Simulation', 'Options', 'Default Options', 'Units' area. I did some testing in 2013 and found that even these are not controlling the units of applied loads on beams. I also tested it in 2019 and it is the same story.


From the behavior I am seeing in the Default Options for Simulation SI, English, and Metric unit systems are hard coded to m, in, and cm length units. So, you are seeing a limitation in the program as it is right now. It is probably worth filing an Enhancement Request to ask for an ability to use custom unit systems for applying loads.