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Toolbox import problem

Question asked by Alessandro Frattini on Mar 25, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2009 by Alessandro Frattini
this is the help description :
"The list columns are the fastener properties. All of the columns except Part Number, Description, and Comment are view-only. The values for Part Number, Description, and Comment appear in the configuration properties in SolidWorks.

Part Number Type the part number for a configuration.
Description Type a configuration description.
Comment Type a configuration comment.
Import/Export Import/Export is above the configuration list scroll bar.

Click Import/Export and select:

Import data to import an Excel spreadsheet.
Export data to export the configuration table to an Excel spreadsheet so that you can enter part numbers and other values.
Create parts to create a new SolidWorks part for each listed configuration in the parts folder specified on the User Settings page. SolidWorks must be running to create parts.
Create configurations to add all listed configurations to the master part file. "

but as you can see from my attached file, this doesn't work and Create configurations too.

I'm wrong or it's a bug ?